To start wash t-shirt with the hated label. It is advisable to do this several times. After that, the sticker or label should disappear. But don't overdo it, because excessive washing can have a negative impact not only on the words but on the t-shirt. She will look zastiranny, ugly and not fit for further wear. So watch out for the thing, when you wash, so as not to make things worse.
Pat a couple of times on your t-shirt using the iron with the function of supplying hot steam. If that iron you have not found, before iron shirt easy iron, soak in plain cold water and put some gauze on it, then ironed. If you do not have a conventional iron, then no problem. Take a hair dryer and warm up t-shirt with hot air.
Then put the product with an undesirable picture in the freezer. Wait a few hours then take it out and try to erase the writing.
Scour the picture or inscription dipped in alcohol clean cloth. Also in this case, you can help a variety of household chemicals, for example, a tool for washing Windows or dishes. Apply one of the available funds on a rag or washcloth, then carefully RUB the picture. The remaining marks from the image remove with sunflower oil. It is very effective. After all done again procedures asterite your t-shirt to the result was fixed.
You can also put on your t-shirt different creative ideas, for example in place of the removed lettering to draw your own picture that you like, decorate the product with a handwritten embroidery of colored silk thread or beads. Buy and stick interesting pattern shiny rhinestone. You can also take a silk ribbon, any colour you like, to engage with her bow and sew to the shirt, it will look very nice.