You will need
  • - the knife
  • - detergent for carpets
  • - iron,
  • paper,
  • Ironing Board,
  • - the freezer.
Take a knife, blade or something sharp. Try using these available tools to scrape the gum from the pants. Easily, not pressing, make several attempts to remove the hated gum. If you will be force to pull out a clump with a knife, you can cut a hole in his pants. With a knife you have to remove the main part of the spot.
Then fill the basin with warm water, add 2 capful to wash the carpet, soak the pants in the solution. Allow to soak for 10 hours, inspect a place where there was gum. If you failed to get rid of it, try to pick up the nails and gum to remove from the pants. Also you can wash the pants in the washer.
There is another way. Take iron preparations with paper or newspaper. Put the trousers on the Ironing Board. From the gum, then place a sheet of paper or newspaper, on the other hand iron several times, the gum should stick to the leaf. Iron needs to be heated to the maximum temperature. If at first you don't succeed to remove the gum, wait until the pants are "cool", then try again.
Place the pants them in the freezer, the place where gum got stuck, should not come into contact with the walls of the freezer. Leave the pants in the freezer overnight or for a day. Then try to remove the gum with a knife.