Toniruja car glass according to publicly available rules. The law permits toning, not exceeding the established norms: not less than 70% light transmission to the windshield and not less than 75% for front side Windows. The rest of the glass can be darkened at its own discretion.
Get ready to pay a penalty if you decide to ignore the rules. A violation, unless it is fixed, faces a warning or a fine in the case if the driver didn't correct him during the day, the penalty increases.
There is a permission to tint car Windows. But it is issued only for the vehicles – those that are the responsibility of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia, provide transport services to public authorities (transport civil servants), are used for the implementation of operative-investigative activities, for the implementation of the collection.
Please contact the traffic police, for example, if your machine belongs to a legal person not using the services of collectors, and bringing the money to the Bank alone, but in practice the issuance of permits for personal vehicles is rarely used. If the police deems it necessary, additional window tinting services for your car, they will issue a permit.
The resolution is not in any way negate the norms of transmission established by Gosstandart of Russia – the tinting must not violate the prescribed rules, prohibited and installing mirror glass.