To study the visual acuity even at home you can use special tables that usually contains 10-12 rows of specially selected signs, optotypes. It can be letters, numbers, stripes, designs, hooks, etc. of Course, these tables (which in our country is known as the table Golovin-Sivtseva, Shevelev, Orlova, Snellen, etc.) was developed by ophthalmologists. Each element is not accidental, but according to their degree of recognition by most people with vision normal. In order to determine what your vision, place the chart on the wall opposite the window, stand up from it on distance of 5 meters. One eye something, close, other – see. Read lines it is necessary with the top row. Each row is a tenth of one hundred percent of view.
The sharpness of your vision you can also test using a special test texts that move at a distance of 30-35 cm from the eye and try to read. These tests contain multiple paragraphs with letters of different sizes. If you manage to read the small, your eyesight is likely normal.
Various tests to check quality of vision today, you will find it easily on the Internet. Print or look right on the screen, performing instructions written there.
To check vision you buying glasses at the opticians. Now, almost each of them is equipped with special devices allowing them to identify weaknesses of view, it is and computer diagnostics.
Naturally at home, you still will not be able to check what exactly you have a vision, and the optician is after all only outlets whose primary purpose is the sale of points, not a definition of your disease. So don't waste your time, especially if you feel that your eyesight is something wrong and contact the professionals-ophthalmologists. In any ophthalmic study is conducted to study the refraction through the diagnostic lens of different strength, various defects of vision and, very importantly, eye pressure. There will write a prescription for purchase just those glasses or contact lenses that are right for you or advise you, if necessary, to resort to methods of laser vision correction. And certainly not miss the beginning of something more serious eye diseases.