To sell vouchers, you need to attract customers. Advertising on radio, television, printed publications will ensure the flow of the travel company interested in buying.
In addition to direct advertising clips and modules - use the hidden pr. Reviews in the travel forums, comments in TV programs, essays on radio can help to create a positive image of the organization. Besides, they are much cheaper than direct advertising.
Clients who utilized the services of the company once, you need to make regular customers. This can be achieved by providing additional discounts for second, third, fourth trip. Or use a bonus system where for every new customer you refer will be credited points, which subsequently reduce the price.
To attract a new customer coming for a tour, ask about his preferences. Of course, the buyer can choose the country and location, but then why would he pay for your services? Help him determine the destination. To do this, ask how he tolerates the flight and jet lag. How prefer to spend time lying on the beach or engaging in active sports. Whether during the journey the children. What is the budget for the trip. All this will help to choose the best tour package which includes airfare, hotel, meals and transfers.
Don't send tourists in hotels, which did not visit you personally, or employees of the company. The pictures are very often not true. If you know that the hotel has its shortcomings, talk about it directly. Usually two or three-star hotels tourists don't expect anything spectacular. But if the room will not be hot water, or the sea instead of the promised five minutes, you will have to travel half an hour to transport, travelers have every right to claim the seller of the permit. It would be desirable to obtain a quick profit, think about the future. The more satisfied customers will come back from tours with your company, the more new customers they will attract.