The starting point of any film is vivid and bright idea, which will be the basis for the film. The idea is based on the problem, social or psychological, as a concentrate of ideas, its main exponent is the main character. The moment when the filmmaker describes in two lines the idea of the short film, and is considered the beginning of the work. For example, the legendary short film "Signs" ("Signs") gathered on Youtube more than a million viewers, is the story of a lonely guy who met the love of his life, exchanging messages with a girl from a neighboring office. Visual feature of this short film that the lovers were texting (emoticons and other marks) on sheets of paper. The creators have described the idea of his film even shorter: "A simple short film about communication" (short, Simple story about communications).
Then the idea of the film turns into a synopsis - coherent text, the description of the story on half a page. Then the creators write papistry plan is a clear sequence of actions, scenes, and events. Then the dialogues are written, they should be bright, as close to natural speech and reflecting the personality of the character. In order to not have to spend the time to explain what is happening, aspiring authors can use two methods: travel and celebration (wedding, birthday, any other holiday). It is important to find actors, props and location. Sometimes they have to pay for, and sometimes people agree to help an acquaintance or just for fun.
With regard to the technical and stylistic aspects of filming, there are no rules. The camera can "discreetly" follow the hero, it can be attached to his head, and then everything that happens will be the subject of the acting person or even his dog. The hero can be removed from the twenty points at the same time (provided that in the crew there is a brilliant editor). The creators have complete freedom of action. And this is one of the main features of short films.
When the film is shot and edited, it is necessary to produce a great life, to show like-minded people. For this suschesvuet thematic community of the lovers of short films, or special contests that attract professionals and Amateurs. For example, a popular resource holds contest of short films on the forum you can learn a lot and ask advice from the professionals. The website fully dedicated to short movies. Anyone can read the news, trends, get information about film festivals, competitions and art workshops. The most passionate film fans can even receive a free website to post their masterpieces.