You will need
  • — instructions for the video camera.
  • chain or cord.
As a rule, models of Amateur cameras equipped with optical or electronic image stabilizer. Before recording, enable this option through the camera menu as described in the user manual. Stabilizer is not a replacement for a tripod, but it can soften the jerks.
When shooting handheld, use any prop. If possible, place the camera on a stable surface. If the bearing is not press bent arm that hold the camera, to the housing. Use your other hand to support the device.
Shooting from prone position, you can get good shots. Press your elbows into the surface where you are, and the picture obtained from the camera will be more stable.
When you press the record button, the camera shake can be especially noticeable. Enabling recording for a few seconds before the shooting events will get the opportunity to cut the damaged point in the installation.
When shooting handheld, try not to use the button zoom. Camera shake will be particularly noticeable if the object closer with zoom. When possible, it is better to get closer to the subject you want to capture.
Shooting a panorama, turn slowly, not shifting from foot to foot. Any step will cause the image to jerk, the picture will be spoiled. At the beginning and end of the panorama record about ten seconds of a still image.
To use as a makeshift tripod , you can use a sturdy chain or cord. Attach one end of the screw, the diameter of which corresponds to the hole intended for attaching the camera to the platform of the tripod. On the other end of the cord step foot. Stretching such support, will get a less shaky video.