For salads that use cooked rice and peas with meat or fish, other vegetables, usually cut into cubes to the salad had a smooth consistency. Such salads include, for example, the famous "Olivier". It has all the ingredients should be chopped finely, not to chew separate large pieces of vegetables included in its composition. This also applies to the salad, every bite of this salad needs to give a complex taste.
In order to cut the vegetables into cubes, cut them into plates 5-7 mm, each of which is then cut into wedges and then cubes. For hot salads, make cubes larger than about 1 centimeter.
If the salad includes raw beets or carrots, they are rubbed on a grater or cut in thin strips. To do this, first cut into segments which are then comminuted in a straw, the thickness of which does not exceed 1-2 mm and a length of 3-4 cm.
If the salad of cucumbers and tomatoes, cutting them in slices, and bell pepper cut into 4 pieces and cut into strips. The onions in this salad cut into half rings.
Vegetableswith a round shape – tomato-cherry tomatoes, radishes, cut into wedges. Onions, depending on the type of salad can be chopped in small cubes.
Cabbage-broccoli, cut into several pieces, cauliflower disassemble on inflorescences and slightly welded, then finely chop. Cabbage, in General, cut thin strips, additionally sometimes straw cut into 2-3 pieces so that it was not too long.
Leafy vegetables like spinach and salads are now made with finely tearing hands, but parsley, cilantro and dill is to chop it with knife. Green onions cut small rings, and their width should not be more than 2-3 mm.