You will need
  • fabric, scissors, thread, buttons, pattern.
Purchase the fabric from which you decided to sew a coat, matching thread, buttons or zipper (depending on choice), scissors, pins, sewing machine, Ironing Board and iron. Select a pattern for a coat. You can do this by checking the schematic on the Internet on their websites or in professional journals sewing. Remember this, your choice will depend on the type of material from which in the following will be made coat.
Prepare the necessary amount of the desired fabric. When choosing material, remember that for a simple type coat is well suited wool, for jackets it is best to apply the velvet, and sew a French cat to use a blended fabric or gabardine.
Purchase fabric for lining, if the chosen model provides for such. As a rule, the lining uses lightweight materials, but there are occasions when the lining is made from the same material as the product itself (light spring-summer options for outerwear).
Take cardboard or heavy paper and apply the drawings of the patterns. It is necessary to use the special size chart and select the indicators appropriate to your height and fullness. Remember that it is best to make the product a little more, because under it you can always put on a sweater, in case the coat is small, it is unlikely that you can wear it on bare skin.
Cut out of paper all the details and transfer them to your material. Do not forget to retreat the required length for seams. To take into account the size coat is not necessary - it will be sewn.
Cut parts of fabric and carefully press each. The material should not be too much of dents, creases, or wrinkles. Sew alternately, in accordance with the instruction to the selected pattern, all the details of the product. Try on a coat.