You will need
  • Literature on heraldry
  • Paint
  • Paper
Think about what you need coat of arms and where are you going to use it. Russian legislation reglamentary territorial coats of arms, and their creation and use is defined quite rigidly. As for the rest there are no rules, so to come up with anything. But if you come for the creation of the emblem, it should be according to the rules.
Check whether in your family ancestors, the aristocracy who had the right to own arms. If found, feel free to use their emblems. No law that would define who can use the family coat of arms, and who is not allowed, not now.
Think of your field of arms. The knights it was a shield. Typically, the shield is used in the coats of arms of cities. Role, the arms must also follow this requirement. But the family coat of arms is not necessarily. Field can serve as the subject who loves your whole family. Car, guitar, backpack — anything. You don't strive to follow strict canons. Can the basis of the emblem to take a geometrical figure.
The family Council decide which characters will be present in your emblem. You might have to dig around in the family or even the state archives. Who were your ancestors? What tools or weapons are the most typical for their profession? What do the members of your family?
Decide how many pieces will be the arms. If we are talking only about your family, including, for example, from two generations — maybe one part, which are arranged in a different order the right signs. But I can reflect in the coat of arms and origin of your family, dividing the field in two. One part represents a family of father, different mother.
Determine the location of the signs. Decide which can be the connecting characters or lines. They are not required, but sometimes used. The emblem may still be the motto. It is better to have top or bottom. A motto is a short sentence that most accurately describes the owner of the emblem.
Decide on color scheme. In classical heraldry uses seven colors. This is two metals — gold and silver, and five enamels of red, purple, blue, black and green. For role-playing emblem it is better to use this color scheme. More free family coat of arms colors can be arbitrary, but it is necessary that they are well differentiated.
Make a sketch on the sheet. Position the symbols and the motto. Pour paint of the desired color of the field coat of arms and motto. Paint the characters. Draw their boundaries. Write a motto.