You will need
  • Drawings, welding machine, tube Bender, measuring and cutting tools, pipe, sheet metal, parts kit "Cards with your hands."
Produce a layout for the frame collected from karting graph paper mounted on cardboard in full size. Move it on the drawing with observance of all sizes and proportions.
Cut pipe the desired length. Start with making the base of the frame – put the workpiece on a flat surface. With the help of welding machine weld all the parts into a single structure. Check with the level of symmetry of the connected parts.
Harvests of the pipe for mounting the power unit, pedals and steering. Similarly, the layout for the frame are manufactured as per the drawings for the listed control units.
Weld using the welding machine workpiece to the frame card. Check the angles and dimensional accuracy. We are checking the information with the drawings.
We manufacture sheet metal mounting parts, seat and wheels. Mark out and prepare the place for installation on the frame card. By welding, welded to the frame.
Mounted on the frame map of the wheel set of Cards with your hands." Check the level and diagonal measurements of the geometry of the resulting structure. Connect the steering to the frame, and then to the wheels.
Installed the engine. Fixed on the support points of the frame of the power unit and tighten the bolts with the force specified in the attached documents. Install and plug-in attachments – carburetor, air filter, gas tank. Attachable pedals engine control and braking system. Set the seat and steering wheel.