The bow is quite easy to grow in culture, so no garden is complete without this vegetable. However, it requires certain knowledge, without which the harvest will not be so rich. The secret lies not so much in the care of the onion patch, as in preparation for landing. If the owners put 3-5 kg of planting material, the preparation is pretty time, but further cultivation will not cause trouble.

To soak or not – that is the question

Tend to to onions, it is grown from sets (small bulbs with a diameter from 1 to 3 cm). Even experienced gardeners are wondering whether to soak the onion sets before planting. In fact, the process of soaking serves several purposes: a lot of seedlings, disinfection of pests and the rapid development of the root system.

Fibrous root system of onion is underdeveloped, and if you hold the bulbs in water before planting only half an hour, you can see how thin roots have already started to move out. This does not necessarily add to the water accelerating the growth of the fertilizer is sufficient only to pour the water at room temperature.

What to soak the onions before planting

If desired, you can resort to complex fertilizers for vegetable crops. The fertilizer used at the rate of 1 tablespoon per 10 liters of water. Only half an hour then it will not be. Experts recommend to leave the sets in the solution for 8-10 hours.

The most vicious enemy sowing of onion – onion fly, but she can find justice for soaking and salt. If you hold the onion in a salt solution, it will help to prevent the deposition of larvae of the onion fly, and therefore the mass death of Luke.

To prevent fungal diseases of onion soaked for 10-15 minutes in a solution of copper sulfate (1 tsp per 10 liters of water) or in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. The latter method appears to be simple and affordable, especially since he's proven years of experience grandmothers.

All of the above does not mean that the sets needed to survive in all these solutions. You should choose the most acceptable. And, if you protolith onions for 2 hours in the "cool" solution: 1 kg of salt to half a bucket of water, the sulphate or potassium permanganate is no longer needed. Salt save from onion flies, and disease.

Prepare to bow to the soaking

Before soaking, the sets need to go through and remove delaminated the husks and sort by size. Bulbs that have allowed the greens, are subject to rejection.

In the next step to remove the top neck. This is easier to do with scissors or a knife. The bottom with the beginnings of roots remains intact. The procedure for removing the tops is optional, especially if the onion is planted like a turnip. After cutting the feather appears faster and grow more smooth without creases.