You will need
  • tape measure or range finder, thermometer, pressure gauge, periodic table.
Calculation of gas volume geometric macadamias vessel filled with gas, find its volume. For example, if the room has a parallelepiped shape with a tape or rangefinder, determine the length, width and height in meters. The obtained results multiply and get the volume of gas in the room expressed in m3. If the vessel is cylindrical, measure its diameter, erect it in the square, multiply by 3.14, and height of the cylinder, which also measure the number you divide by 4.
Calculate the volume of a known mass of a particular gas in a normal usloviahtabl gas is in normal conditions (0o C, 760 mm. art), known for its mass and chemical formula using the periodic table determine the molar mass, given the fact that most of the simple gases of diatomic molecules. Then the mass of gas divide by its molar mass, and the resulting number multiply by 0,0224. Get the volume of gas in m3. There is another way. If you know the mass and type of gas, according to a special table to find the density and divide the mass of gas on its density. Get the volume of gas. If the gas mass is given in kilograms, take the density in kilograms per cubic meter, if in grams in grams per cubic centimeter. Accordingly, will the volume or in metres, or in cubic centimeters.
Calculation of the mass of gas through uravneniyakh a known mass of gas is in real conditions, find the number of substances for which the mass divide by molar mass. A manometer measure gas pressure and a thermometer temperature. The pressure expressed in Pascals and temperature in Kelvins. The ratio of temperature to pressure and multiply by the amount of substance of gas, and the number 8,31 the result will be the volume of the gas in m3.