Advice 1: How to treat heat rash in adults

The main reason of the sweating sickness occurs in adults, is hyperhidrosis. Under normal physiological condition sweating – protective human reaction to overheating, physical or psychological stress. When the balance inside the body the sweating sickness manifests with a persistent unpleasant odor and psychological and physical discomfort.
How to treat heat rash in adults
For short-term reduction in sweating, use a solution of formalin, which you can buy at the pharmacy. With this solution, wipe the area of excessive sweating throughout the day in 2-3 hours. In the absence buy alcohol solution 2% salicylic acid, which has a strong antiseptic effect.
Every day take a refreshing bath, to the water add a solution of potassium permanganate (to pale pink staining), chamomile flowers in the form of infusion, decoction of a succession of three-or a little corn starch. After bathing be sure to powder the areas of skin prone to sweating, a powder consisting of talc and oxide of zinc.
To make it easier to apply powder on the skin, cook it of water stir the mixture. To increase the stability of the suspension add to the solution a little starch.
To reduce itching, apply to the skin ointment containing menthol, camphor and betamethasone. If after scratching the skin in the wound became infected, then use the ointment, which will be composed of advanced and an antibacterial substance, for example, gentamicin sulfate.
Inside, take calcium supplements (calcium gluconate or calcium lactate), 1 tablet 3 times a day, as well as antihistamine drugs that reduce tooth and irritation of the skin (such as diphenhydramine, suprastin, tavegil).
Avoid wearing tight or synthetic clothing, replace it with a free cotton or linen. Do not use excessive soap, because it dries the skin. And in response to this, the sweat glands begin to intensively produce sweat.
If the above methods had no effect, contact the beauty salon, which uses the drug Botox (botulinum toxin divorced multiple times). It blocks the nerve and muscle fibers in the injection of a drug that causes a temporary (several months) numbness the sweat glands.

Advice 2 : Prickly heat: causes, complications, treatment

What is the sweating sickness? Miliaria, or as it is popularly called potnichka, heat prickly heat, or heat zoster, is quite widespread among children and adults. It is characterized by the appearance of the rash and redness that are caused by heavy sweating, slow evaporation of moisture, resulting in the blockage of the sweat glands.
Prickly heat: causes, complications, treatment

Sometimes, instead of a rash in humans, there are small bubbles, which are filled with a clear liquid. Basically, the rash affects the skin of children as it is delicate and is easily injured. But sometimes the disease may appear in adults. Causes heat rash is mainly the overheating of the body and excessive sweating. Now, for example, a disease common among infants. This is due to the strong wrapping or synthetic kid's garment, in violation of gas exchange in the skin. Skin newborn baby is not perfect and can not resist aggression from the environment.

Disease miliaria is not contagious and is completely safe. Her treatment can be carried out at home. But at the first sign of rash, you need to go to the doctor because of unpleasant itching bothers the baby and his mother.

Miliaria is localized on the neck, the back, the elbow, and groin creases. Therefore, you should pay attention to the hygiene of these areas of the skin and clothing.


If the sweating sickness appeared in the adult, it is necessary to strictly observe personal hygiene of the body and be sure to take multivitamins and minerals. In treating heat rash is also used antihistamine and desensitizing agents. With infants the situation is a bit complicated. The use of drugs is contraindicated. So diaper rash is treated with solutions. Now use 1-2% alcohol solution of salicylic acid, boric acid and potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate). To reduce itching use: 1% chlorophyllin, fukortsin and methylene blue 1%. If the sweating sickness appeared in children, treatment consists of regular baths with herbal decoctions. Use only fresh herbs old herbs lose their healing power. All procedures were followed in 3 days will save your child from disease.


When the sweating sickness complications almost never happens. Mostly on a rash can cause small bubbles. When they occur, immediately stop the medication and consult a doctor. He'll need to figure out the cause of the complications and correct treatment. If the disease is severe, then the kids can assign antihistamines.

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