Most often, the pimples the sweat formed in the inguinal and neck folds, armpits and belly. After a while the bubbles disappear, and in their place there is a crust that is easily peeled. Don't worry – marks on the skin from petnicki will remain. And on the General condition of the baby, this phenomenon is not affected. It is possible that the sweat will cause minor itching
However to treat prickly heat should. The danger is that it is a good environment for pyoderma - pustular lesions, some of the most common skin diseases.
Treatment petnicki quite simple. Treat folds of baby skin baby powder. Bubbles and redness can be cleaned with a cotton swab dipped in a weak solution of soda. For solution preparation in a glass of warm boiled water add one teaspoon of baking soda.
While bathing in the tub add an infusion of chamomile or succession. To prepare buy in the pharmacy bags with these herbs. In the morning fill with boiling water and pour out before a dip in the tub with water.
If the area of the skin affected by prickly heat, is large enough – after bathing lubricate his creams such as Desitin or Bepanthen. But it is better to go to a dermatologist to avoid allergies.
Remember that to prevent disease is easier than cure. The same applies to patnicki. Carefully select clothes for the baby. The baby should not be sweating in hot clothes. The sweat glands of the baby begin to work too hard that it irritates the skin and causes severe redness. If the weather is hot, let the house lie down naked, and a walk put baby in a light bodysuit.
Every day the kid has to take air baths. Often ventilate the room, do not create drafts. The health of your baby!