Often the discomfort in the region of the appendages cause genital infections such as Ureaplasma, chlamydia, Trichomonas, gonococcus. In fact, they are the same in the absence of treatment provoke adnexitis. The danger of such infections is prolonged incubation period during which infection "settling" in the female body, but doesn't. The trigger to develop the disease can be lowered immunity, hypothermia, prolonged or uncontrolled use of antibiotics.

Starting with pain in the epididymis, the infection eventually manifests itself in unpleasant sensations in the perineum, pyrexia, chills, General weakness, disturbance cycle. And pain syndrome most noticeable during intercourse. The pain also may radiate to the coccyx and lower back. Ignoring these symptoms can result in the transition of the disease into a chronic form, and it will require long-term treatment.

Some women experience a dull or sharp pain in the epididymis in the presence of tumors, for example, polyps or cysts. In nulliparous women they can cause secondary infertility. And, of course, any tumor has the risk to transform into malignant tumor, it is therefore necessary mandatory and regular inspection, and in some cases it is expedient to remove growths.

Pain in the appendages cannot be left unnoticed. To rule out serious problems with women's health should be a number of important research and analysis. First of all, ultrasounds, swabs, PCR-diagnostics (to detect infection). Sometimes the doctor for an accurate diagnosis may require bacteriological culture, microscopy or tomography. The treatment of gynecological diseases, often including antibiotic therapy should be prescribed only by a gynecologist. You need to strictly adhere to assigned therapeutic schemes to the disease has not worsened.