Description of the drug

Cyclamen, or Drauka is a perennial herbaceous plant of the family Marcinowice. Spread The Mediterranean. In medicine the extract of cyclamen is used for the treatment of sinusitis as local irritating means. For making drops use the tubers of cyclamen.

In the home drops, you can prepare so: take the nodule forest of cyclamen, rinse, RUB on a small grater, squeeze the juice through 4 layers of cheesecloth from the resulting slurry, and diluted in 4 times more than the juice with boiled water. If the tuber is dry, then the juice don't squeeze, pour water and put on a day or two in the fridge to settle.

Usage instructions

The beauty of ready drops is that they have a very high concentration. At home such concentration is difficult to achieve. When you use cyclamen for the first time is to dilute a drop of 1:20 with oily and combination of eucalyptus. Eucalyptus has anti-bacterial and antiseptic and paired with cyclamen copes with diseases of the nasopharynx. However, if hydrolate is not available, use plain water at room temperature.

Before use, check the portability of the resulting solution: if burn is pretty weak, you should make a 1:10 solution. If portability is good, then use a drop should be at the original concentration (juice 1:4 with water).

Treatment of sinusitis cyclamen

To use this treatment for sinusitis it is necessary in the following sequence: on an empty stomach every morning in the horizontal position, place 1 – 2 drops in each nostril. Then repeat the procedure before bedtime. Must lie 10 minutes. Dilute the solution with water or oily and combination of eucalyptus, if unbearably burns the nasal mucosa. After 10 minutes drink a glass of hot infusion of herbs (special charges for the treatment of respiratory infections) with honey and lemon juice, or viburnum.

2 - 3 day pass purulent discharge from the nose. To drip should continue for 7 consecutive days. Then for a week to take a break and can be repeated, but no more than three consecutive courses. Re-treatment should start no earlier than 2 months.

During treatment drops of cyclamen, including during breaks and even a week after the end of the 3rd course, you need a sea salt solution (you can substitute ordinary table) to wash out the sinuses in a concentration of: 1 teaspoon of salt in a glass of water/hydrolate of eucalyptus. Perfectly flush to one nostril, the solution was numb, and out the other nostril flowed.

Effective drops and cyclamen for hypertension, low back pain, headaches, allergies, sciatica, for the pus, which accumulates in the sinuses when sinusitis is distributed by the bloodstream throughout the body, and with it a cure.

Contraindications and method of storage and the composition of the drug

Pregnancy and children up to age seven years. The plant is poisonous! You must keep away from children and does not drip into your eyes. In case of contact with eyes rinse thoroughly with warm water. Keep drops cyclamen in the course of a year in the fridge.

The drug is this: the juice of cyclamen forest (1 part), distilled water (4 parts).