Free wardrobe, taking out all his clothes and accessories. Open the drawers and boxes, take out underwear, scarves and other small items out of bags and suitcases. Don't forget all the seasonal clothes, removed for storage, as well as about shoes. So you get an idea about the number of things possessed.
Proceed to the analysis of things. Stylists recommend to divide them into three piles with the conventional names "Favorite and often wear things", "May be worn", "old and broken". With the last part to understand the easiest. This should get things that you are hopelessly small, badly torn, shed, deformed or out of fashion. Remove unwanted clothes into garbage bags to soon to get rid of it. Things of good quality do not have to waste unnecessary to give friends, give to a charitable organization.
The clothes and accessories you wear, delay separately. A good idea here to form one of the sets. You will be able to understand what's missing for successful ensembles. It will not hurt to try on selected items and record in a separate notebook that you should buy to complete sets.
The most extensive group of things with which you will be sorry to leave, but who for some reason you don't wear. Put them in a large box and temporarily remove. If after six months you are on them and not remember it the next time parse the contents of the boxes is to throw or give it away.
Think about the storage system. Sometimes the clothes are not used just because you are not able to find it. Buy sufficient number of good hangers, plastic, wooden or soft covered with fabric. Hangers should be wide and voluminous, so things are not distorted.
Place the sets on one hanger. For example, under the jacket hang the right style of blouse or top. To set you can add a scarf or a belt then you will not need to find the right accessories in different boxes and boxes.
The clothes of the current season to place in the closet, off-season things can be temporarily sent to the mezzanine or in the pantry. Removing clothes in storage, put it in big boxes and each will provide a label. Before that, the clothes need to wash and repair, Shoe brush and put inside the struts or crumpled paper.
Hanging things in a closet, observe the system. You can post them by season, color or type - for example, first the blouses, then jackets, dresses, etc. Linen and knitwear easier to store in drawers, shoes can be put into cartons or put on a special retractable stand, placed inside the Cabinet.