You will need
  • -dense fabric;
  • -decorative designs and applications for design solutions;
  • -wide elastic that you insert at the waist.
First, cutting fabric. Use the finished pattern of all the parts, put it on the fabric. Now chalk circle on the contour and cut out the details, but be sure to leave the seam.
The pattern can make yourself using pants child size. Lay the pants on the prepared fabric and draw their contours. Make it so that there are four main parts, two pieces for each pant leg.
Now, cut from separate material back two pockets and two lateral, smaller size. Iron attach the allowances of the pockets towards the inside.
If you want, make the front parts of the legs decorative stitching. Stitch the front parts first steps, and then along the side seams. Lines outside make it a double. The rear part of the trousers pockets tab harvested, but before that prostrochite them the upper edge.
At your discretion, the pockets can be decorated with appliques or glue the chosen shade decorative braid. At the final stage, sew to the pants front pocket on each side. Sew decorative stitching on the front part of the pants so as to obtain a simulation of the front clasp.
Neatly fold the bottom edge of the legs, then hem it with a durable thread with double stitching. On the upper part of the pants is the same double stitching sew a wide waist elastic band.
Can insert the rubber band separately in the cut zone. The second option - use it as a standalone decorative and functional element. Make sure that the rubber band was chosen quite strong and dense. Best if the rubber band will look contrasting against the main color of the pants of the child.
Connect your imagination and complete product jewelry in its sole discretion. Remember that the child's attention to focus on the interesting accessories due to which you stitched the pants can become his favorite thing.