Common signs

Parents should be wary if a son or daughter sharply away from family permanently leaves the house and hides the purpose of walks. The teenager is replaced by a circle of friends, and new friends do not appear in the guests, but often call.

Telephone conversations child prefers to secretly, in a speech you can hear the code names of synthetic drugs: civic, Meeks, p., chemistry, hay, grass, green, sticky, salt, Legale, whistling. The child constantly asks for money, often citing obscure reasons.

The house can start to disappear value. Trying to talk cause fits of anger. In General, the mood swings characteristic of adolescence markedly increase. Signs of drug intoxication are different depending on the type of product.

Spice smokers

To understand that people consume spice, on several grounds. The first symptoms – constant dry cough and thirst, dry and red eyes. Speech becomes slow, the movement is inhibited. The person difficult to think, time to shut up and stand still in any position, he has violated corrdinate.

Pale skin and rapid resting pulse is also a bad signal. In addition, evidence can serve as found in the fuse box or under the couch, plastic bottles with bad smell – and smoke spice.


Externally, the intake of salts is the deterioration of the skin, rapid loss of weight, wandering eyes wild. People can suddenly mimic, to lose the ability to clearly pronounce words. At the beginning of the use of no desire to sleep, the addict is full of boundless energy, then on the contrary there is constant drowsiness.

Characterized by pointless laborious occupations. Changed behaviour: man is all the more arrogant, not able to assess their actions properly, without aggressive measures. At the time of intoxication having hallucinations, and the desire to fly or to strip naked.