How to choose a ring?

First of all, we need to decide how much you want to spend on an engagement ring. In Europe it is believed that such decoration should be approximately one and a half to two monthly salaries of men. Of course, you really want to give his girlfriend a really expensive decoration, but we should remember that in the future you are waiting for more global spending on wedding and honeymoon, so choose one of those pieces of jewelry that you can afford without debt.

Engagement rings can be quite cheap, since traditionally they are made of precious metals and decorated with beautiful stones. However, it is possible to find a decent option for five thousand rubles.

Once you have decided on the budget, it is very important to find out the exact size of the ring. In this you can help a friend of your bridesmaid, it is important to choose one that will not spill the beans ahead of time). You can ask for help to the mother of your girl. If she often wears rings and rings, the task is simplified. Enough to borrow one and come with him to the jewelry store. The main thing — to borrow the ring on the right finger (unmarked on the right hand). Note: if you have a ring with the same finger of the left hand, problems can occur, because quite often these sizes do not exactly match, the size of the right thumb is usually 0.3 mm.

Looking for something special

Choose a special ring, think about your girlfriend at this moment. Even an inexpensive ring can be quite unusual. Do not buy an engagement ring for promotions, especially if you stretch and shields with her conditions hung around the city. This can cause your beloved a feeling that you want it to save.

Classic engagement ring — thin and diamond. Gold can be white, yellow or pink. In large jewelry you can choose a ring with another precious stone, but it is better to avoid rubies, opals and pearls because they symbolize bad things. The diamond on the ring acts as a kind of promise and guarantee durability of love, so perhaps we should turn to the classics.

The size of the stone is not critical. Too protruding stone creates certain inconveniences, for example, in the cold season it can interfere with wearing gloves. For an engagement ring, clear diamond will be enough, especially if it's well integrated into the design of the ring.