You will need
  • - denatured alcohol;
  • - acetone;
  • - starch or talc;
  • - liquid varnish remover.
Method 1 (for large spots of varnish on natural fabrics)If you have spilled nail Polish on clothing, and the stain is quite large, prepare a mixture of denatured alcohol and acetone (ratio 1:2).
Before you remove dried spots clean nail lacquer frozen crust - gently, without damaging the fabric.
Take a hard object (such as a kitchen cutting Board), wrap it in a light cotton cloth and put it under the stain. With this operation, you avoid the appearance on fabric stains.
Sprinkle the fabric around the stain with starch or talcum powder or just lightly moisten it with water.
Apply the mixture on the stain and RUB the fabric until the complete disappearance of traces of varnish. Wash clothing in warm water.
Method 2 (for small spots of varnish on natural fabrics)If you dripped a drop of nail Polish on clothes, put under the spot of blotting paper or paper towel.
Moisten it with acetone or nail varnish.
The stain will gradually be transferred to the paper. Do not allow drying of the solvent, until it disappears. If necessary, moisten the cloth again. Sasteria the place where the stain or wash the whole thing.
Method 3 (to remove spots of paint with products made from synthetic and artificial fabrics).Use as solvent a liquid nail Polish remover without acetone. Proceed as described in the first or second method, depending on the size of spots. Wash the thing in warm water with added detergent or dishwashing detergent to prevent stains from the oils contained in the liquid varnish remover.
Products of unstable painted fabrics give to the dry cleaners, otherwise you'll destroy them with solvents. Also, should I do if all the above ways failed.