You will need
  • card
  • table combinations
  • a tutorial on probability theory
  • a collection of rules for playing poker
In poker there are many varieties. The easiest and most common is draw poker. With it you will likely face came to visit friends and received an invitation to stretch card. Carefully read its rules.
Remember that at the beginning of draw poker, you will need to declare your bet, after which you will receive five cards face down. Proceed to the analysis of combinations. Today there are a huge number of various colorful tables that contain all the main combinations found in the game, with an explanation of their virtues and relations between each other. After the first betting round, you can exchange some cards, followed by the final betting round.
Practice in your head will emerge a complete picture of all relationships between the cards. Before the first match you definitely need to know what the best combination is a combination of an ACE, king, Queen, Jack and ten, if they are of the same suit. Also luck can bring a straight flash (the previous version known as Royal flush), which you have collected cards of the same suit and in sequential order, but not necessarily older. The third benefit is a combination of the caret, for which you need to have on hand four cards of the same rank.
Remember these three options, as well as some last – two pairs of cards (different), and cards of the same rank in two copies. As in draw poker only ten possible combinations, you will learn four more: three cards of matching rank and two of another, the player has five cards of the same suit, the sequence of cards of different suits, and three cards on hand.
Note that in any other case shall take effect one rule: you are only interested in the largest map in your kit. To beat it can only map the opponent less dignity.