If the damage caused to your car, for registration certificates you can contact an independent appraiser or make it yourself. The appraiser will give you an official document where the details will be painted with the amount of damage, price parts to replacement, painting and the cost of recovery of the vehicle. If you can make up a certificate, specify the following: make of vehicle; place and time of damage (if possible to determine); details of the incident, if you became a witness; the shape, size, nature of the damage; the condition of the car before it damages.
If the damage to the property, which was in the apartment, shop or other confined place, consider the specifics of the incident. In the preparation of a certificate of damage write the address of the apartment, store or other property; the circumstances under which the damage was caused (fire, flood, etc.); main characteristics of the property before the incident and immediately after it; the cost of the damaged property. For example, when the document in the event of a fire you will need to specify the value of the property, which burned down and which was covered with his fighting.
If material damage caused to commercial property (shop, pavilion, stall, etc.), in the preparation of a certificate of damage write the address of the location of the building, the condition of the property before the damage and after it, the value of the damaged property. If you are aware of the person who caused the harm, enter their data.