Don't be afraid to wash quilted jacket in the washing machine – the widespread belief that it can damage the structure of synthetic insulation is unfounded. Polyester does not deform when in contact with water, does not lose its properties and does not come off the lining. To wash this jacket preferably at a temperature of not more than thirty degrees, not using powders or liquid detergents containing bleach. This will help protect the padding from damage, and the fabric of the jacket from white streaks.
It is also not recommended to soak the jacket before washing in the washing machine. If it has spots, then it is better to prewash separately. For Laundry in the washing machine, you must choose a gentle or delicate cycle. Drying and pressing is not recommended. If the cloth jacket of dark color, preferably rinsed it several times – this will help to remove lint. Another tip for the washing machine – place the jacket in a fabric bag – this will help avoid tearing the tissue.
Quilted jacket can be washed by hand, again, not soaking and not bleaching it. Water for hand washing shall have a temperature not exceeding 50 ºC. For always stains, use an ordinary (preferably soap) and the sponge you use to wash the dishes. Of course, such a brilliant result as when washing in the machine, you are unlikely to achieve. Rinsed the jacket several times, changing the water after each addition. Pressing should be very carefully, not much twisting.
Of course, after washing, should be a question about how to dry the quilted jacket. Of course, it is desirable to lay it on a towel on a flat surface, however, if you do not have this capability, and you can hang outside (or balcony), latched on to a rope pegged in the shoulders or hood. After the jacket dry, it can be ironed. When Ironing, use a fabric-lined and low-temperature regime.