You will need
  • made from spandex
  • -cold water
  • powder
Spandex is a special synthetic fabric, fiber which is built in the form of polymeric chains of polyurethane. There are two kinds of elastic materials like spandex and lycra. They are slightly different from the spandex. For example, the lycra fibers more fluffy and have a matte sheen. If the product label will indicate one of these fabrics, so care the clothing requires is the same as that for the spandex.
This material retains its original elasticity after repeated washings. But the parameters of care recommended by the manufacturer must be observed. Elastic tissue is most acceptable hand wash in cold water. Washing powder, you want to add in small quantities, must be non-aggressive, i.e., in its composition should not be ingredients for whitening and removing stains. Undesirable for spandex and air conditioning.
In the process of hand washing the fabric it is not recommended to RUB, stretch or twist. These actions can cause the deformation of the fibers, and after drying the product in some places will be less dense. Pouring into a container of water and poured it in the powder, you need to put a piece of spandex, wet it and leave in this position for 15-20 minutes. Then hands repeatedly squeeze the cloth, change the water (at this time, powder is not added), and repeat the procedure.
Squeeze the product from spandex very carefully, trying not to twist. To dry the clothes need to smooth dense surface. All the folds should be carefully spread. After one side of the product dries, turn it over. Do that a few times.
Elastic tissue in any case can not be ironed with a hot iron. This will lead to deformation of the fibers and the material will lose its properties: it will cease to stretch. In addition, the shape of the product will change: it will become larger and will be very unsightly.
The spandex can be washed in automatic machine delicate washing. But keep in mind that the water must be cold. So you need to set the appropriate temperature (up to 40oC). At the end of the cycle should not produce additional spin. Enough that will run the machine in the delicate washing.
Product color spandex wash separately, so that the fabric can fade and damage other things. You should know that shiny spandex over time, inevitably loses its original Shine, regardless of the amount of washings.