Each person is inherently unique. Some in the fellowship have great difficulty, and for others it is not a problem. It is no secret that talkative people quickly enter into a new society, you find some good friends. It is easier in life than introverted and self-absorbed personalities. As a rule, sociable and open people quickly achieve their goals in front of him.

There are some nuances in achieving productive communication. If you observe them, it is possible to achieve good results. The basis of psychology of communication is that in the process of talking to every person, whether he wants to or not, shares his feelings and emotional state. In addition to verbal transmission of information via voice, people pass her by means of gestures, intonation, facial expressions and emotional color it is written – not verbal. Every person always a pleasure to hear their name and feel their own importance. That's how nature works. It is therefore very important point is the reference by name.

If a person wants to want the other person to feel joy in communion with him, then he should at least get pleasure from it. In this case the smile will play an important role. Understanding, friendly, sincere listener will certainly sympathize with the speaker man. That's why you need to learn not only to speak but to listen. This is also a kind of art. In order to Woo the listener, you need to recognize its importance. After all, everyone wants to grow in the eyes of others. To quickly find the way to the heart of any person, you just need to choose interesting topic. All these rules and many other things reflected in his writings a great psychologist and sociologist D. Carnegie.

There are also techniques that allow to achieve good results in communication. Care and observation. Watching the man, peering at him closely: he says, gesturing, getting dressed, you can determine which social group he belongs to is doing what and so on. This will be enough to develop common views and establish contact with him.

Improvement of communication skills. Practice shows that it is not necessary to be afraid of communicating with strangers. On the contrary – it is necessary to aspire to it, which will allow faster to develop ways to "adjust" to the person on an intuitive level.

Increase limits of his horizons. Very useful to stay up to date on all news and events, as well as the ability to present them to the people. They will consider you a fascinating conversationalist.

Controlling your own emotions and understanding the emotions of the interlocutor. A very important element in effective communication between people is the ability to discern other people's emotions. Such people are able to quickly focus on the mood of the interlocutor. The other important factor is the ability to control their emotions, feelings and desires. It also needs to put a lot of effort.

Compliance with rules of conduct. Them holds a huge number of people, so not to seem uncultured and rude and to gain the trust of the interlocutor, it is necessary to observe them.

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that using all rules and principles of the psychology of communication, it is possible to find common language with absolutely everyone and feel easy and relaxed. Performing them, you can protect yourself from many problems, to find good friends and get pleasure from communication. You need to remember the most important thing: give people what they want to get from them.