Advice 1: How to communicate with others

Nice to meet someone who is able to be polite, interesting and a good conversationalist. Such people always stand out among all others. This may not necessarily be a man outwardly attractive or beautiful. Because in order to win the favor of others and achieve success in any field, only the appearance is not enough. Sometimes, quite ordinary person, due to the ability to establish contacts and have the gift of eloquence, is able to achieve great success.
How to communicate with others

In the world of information technology with the availability of various means of communication people really pay little attention to the communication with each other personally, without the use of gadgets. In fact, they just don't know which action may have on the interlocutor time for the spoken phrase or just a polite and interesting conversation.

There are several simple tips by which you can learn the rules of communicating with others.

1. You need to pay attention to their own speech. It should be not fast, but steady, clear and understandable. The volume of the voice should match the situation in which communication occurs. No need to speak too quietly or go to the Creek, or the sides can be boring the conversation or they may simply be frightened.

2. When meeting with a new person, you need to be tactful and polite. You can start the conversation with General topics, gradually figuring out his interests. So you can find out whether there are common interests and talk about what is most important without the discomfort.

3. In almost any situation in the course of the conversation, you need to remain calm, even if the person gets irritated and starts to openly show their dissatisfaction in any way. Better gently and correctly advised not to be annoyed, but if he continues to insist, just to postpone the conversation.

4. With regard to internal control while communicating, you need to try not to use jargon speech, harsh language and words that are parasites. To enrich your own speech, you can read more classical literature, listen or watch the trainings of the distinguished psychologists who will tell you in what situation and how to apply that particular word.

A good conversationalist is always more opportunity to prove themselves in various fields, for example, find a decent job, join the team or get acquainted with interesting people.

Advice 2: The most famous psychologists in the world

Psychology as an independent science was known in the ancient world. For many centuries it has evolved, changed and supplemented by scientific papers, treatises and books such famous psychologists as Sigmund Freud, Vladimir Levi, Abraham Maslow, Boris Ananyev, Ernst Weber, Akop Nazaretyan, Victor Ovcharenko, etc.
Sigmund Freud

Famous foreign psychologists

Psychologist who founded psychoanalysis and had a major influence in medicine, psychology and literature of the twentieth century, is an Austrian scientist Sigmund Freud. After high school he went to lectures of Goethe, which gave him the impetus for the decision to study at the medical faculty. At the Institute, Freud came under the influence of a psychologist the Bridge, and decided his fate. Sigmund wrote a three-part structural model of the psyche, created the theory of the Oedipus complex, developed the interpretation of dreams, opened the Shuttle service and found the protective mechanisms operating in the psyche. Freud - the "father" of the theory that the nervous disorders of man are due to a number of conscious and unconscious processes that closely interact with each other.

Abraham Maslow, a famous American psychologist who founded humanistic psychology. One of his popular scientific works is "Maslow's Pyramid". This work includes various diagrams that represent the common needs of man. This theory widely used in Economics and to build the behavior and motivations of consumers.

Also world famous are the names of psychologists like albert bandura, emphasizes in his works the importance of imitation, observation and simulation; Jean piaget, influenced the understanding of children's intellectual development; Carl Rogers, which emphasized human potential, and William James - "father" of American psychology.

Famous Soviet and Russian psychologists

Boris Ananyev — the Soviet psychologist, the founder of the psychological faculty of Leningrad state University. He has developed many methodological problems that continue to have great value to science. Its main works: "Psychology of cognition", "Theory of feelings", "Man as an object of knowledge" and "Personality, subject of activity, individuality".

A psychologist Vladimir Levi became the founder of a new direction in psychology — suicide-studying. His works include a detailed study of suicide and psychological condition of people who are prone to suicide.

A legendary figure Victor Ovcharenko researched and developed such techniques that have made a significant contribution to psychology. He studied sociological and psychological problems related to interpersonal relationships and personality in General.

Ivan Pavlov, Vladimir Bekhterev, Akop Nazaretyan — scientists with outstanding talent and wrote the world-famous treatises on psychology.
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