The choice of form for the candles is limited only by human imagination. Suitable containers from yogurt, cupcakes, cookies, candy, jar of cream, which can withstand heating to a temperature of one hundred degrees. If desired, even with the usual milk package, you can make a print. The mold can be of different materials: plastic, metal, plastic, rubber. If you are using the packaging, label it is desirable to remove in order to avoid fire items. It is important that the mold inside was smooth: it will be easier to remove from her finished candle.
Use for making decorative candles transparent jars, glasses, bottles. Since the form is heated in a water bath, the dishes of thin glass for these purposes is not suitable. You can use coconut shells, egg shells, shells. In this case you will not need to get the hack out of shape. It only further decorate the candle, and it will be ready.
Be creative! You can use as form of conventional inflated children's ball pre-filling it very cold water. The sphere dipped in melted paraffin, allow the substance to harden on its surface. You can do the procedure several times to get a durable rounded shape. After that, remove the ball, and in the resulting deepening pour the melted paraffin.
Use as a mold for the candle tin. This is very convenient because it is smooth inside, and the material withstands large temperature fluctuations. If the diameter of the jars for the candles is not suitable, you can use any metal tube of the desired size. For this you can go to the construction market. The advantage of this pipe is that in cross section it may be rectangular or square, which will affect the shape of the future candles. To make the mold, the pipe piece you want to refinish. You can take a rough sponge to wash dishes and RUB the inner surface of the cylinder. Carefully inspect the structure on the subject of metal burrs. If there are burrs from the cut edge, gently remove them with a knife. Now fit to the cylinder plug so that the wax does not overflow. The tube can be made of wood, rubber, food foil.
After the mold making for candles, start by melting paraffin or wax in a water bath. In a separate tin with the flattened edge for ease of transfusion, melt the stubs, or store-bought base.
Mould for future candles need to be lubricated with a liquid for washing utensils. Also suitable vegetable oil. In both cases, this is done to ensure that the finished product can be easy to get out of shape. In some cases it is advisable to design the bottom to make the hole for the wick, pour the candle if "upside down".
For wick, use only natural skin that will burn, not melt. Pre-impregnate them with paraffin. To one end of the wick attach as cargo cog and another part tied to a stick or toothpick. Place the string in the center of the candle.
Pour melted paraffin into the mold and let the candle cool. Gently pulling the wick, remove the product. If the candle does not give in, put it in the fridge directly in the mold or, on the contrary, under the hot water. The finished product can be decorated with ribbon, beads, decorative elements.