You will need
  • Paraffin, dye, form for candles, jewelry.
To make the candle at home is very simple. You will need a paraffin, not to look for it in stores, you can use plain white household candles. It is inexpensive and convenient because in addition to paraffin, you will still wick. As a colorant for candles is possible to take the children's wax crayons or food coloring for Easter eggs. In addition, you need a sharp knife, a grater, and a long needle, utensils for melting wax to form candles. The form may be, for example, glass, or plastic. Do not forget the decoration for your candles: beads, shells, dried Rowan berries, dry leaves, sequins. If you want to aromatize a candle at home, purchase oil with your favorite scent.
Paraffin grate or chop with a knife, then place in a bowl to melt on water bath. If you decide to tint and flavor the candle, the wax add dye and put a few drops of oil. While the wax melts, prepare the wick is to dip it in paraffin wax and allow to dry thoroughly. Melted paraffin, pour in the form, let it harden, and then the needle make a hole through and insert it in the wick hole. To the wax faster is frozen, place the candle in the freezer. After about an hour you can remove the candle from the mold, to do this, put it on a few seconds in hot water and then just pull the fuse. In extreme cases, if the candle does not go out of shape, gently trim with a knife the place of bonding.
Decorate your candle, slightly heating the jewelry or place for them. Don't forget to trim the wick, leaving on the surface a tail of 7-8 millimeters.
Your candle at home ready.