If your goal is the man Taurus, forget about any conversation and flirting with other men. This representative of the stronger sex does not even admit the thought that his girlfriend or wife can admire not one of them. If you ever stumble, and show interest in another man, consider that has lost its Calf. If you're only his girl, the gap is likely to follow quickly. But if you are already his wife, then a huge scandal and a splash of jealousy you just can not avoid. Taurus is the proprietor by nature and that you, above all, must be considered in order not to lose it.
Give him confidence that you're a reliable fortress that protects the rear of male bodies. Coming home, he needs to feel cozy, calm, kind, and joyful eyes of his wife and children. If at home a man is waiting, nervous, scandalous wife, he in a short time to decide on major changes in family life. Although the breakup it is very hard, but his own peace of mind he values more. That is why, the decision to marry Taurus takes very hard and long.
Times man Taurus so thoroughly chooses a life partner, it has to be good in bed. This man loves sex, so the wife must be ready to support his sexual game at any moment. Tales of aching head and a heavy bottom not satisfy him, for he, too, worked, and now wants a good discharge.
Another necessary condition for the wife's Taurus, is the ability to cook. A woman should love to do it, because the man Taurus a big foodie and loves to eat.
Taurus makes for his beloved big demands, but he gives a lot. Marrying him you will be like a stone wall. This man will fully satisfy you and children. Therefore, if all of the above responsibilities for you only joy, the way to a man's heart – Calf lined for you red carpet.