How to teach your dog the command "Place"

For training the team of the house you need to purchase a couch for dogs, you can start training once the puppy is settled into the new house. An adult dog training can be postponed for a couple of days, because the adaptation is longer.

Take a treat in your hand (dry pluck, slice of cheese) show him the dog command "Place" and giving a treat, go to the bench dogs. Pet will follow you (with the hand with the treat) and as soon as it will be on the couch, praise him, give a treat, repeating "Place, good place."

Repeat training 3 times during this approach. Every time the serve command from different places. In the next step you need to go to the working team, without your move. In advance, place the treat on the couch the puppy back off, going to call the dog up to him and command "Place". At first, you can help your pet, pointing towards the couches. The dog, when he reached the place, get their treat, sustain action if you need to also praise.

How to teach your dog the command "Next"

The command "Next" is fulfilled in walking after the pet will and walked. Put in advance on the puppy's collar and attach the leash. Take the leash in your left hand and the right hand hold a treat, give the command "heel", showing the hand with the treat to the dog (keep the leash short). As soon as the pet will take a position at your left foot, praise him and give a treat.

Start the movement by keeping the leash short and saying "Next", when the required movement and position of the dog and encourage it through 3-5 meters delicacy. The first movement should not be more than 10 meters. For a long walk, training should be repeated 40-50 minutes before returning home. No more teams in this day learn. Train the command on a short leash every walk. Under good command, continue to practice a "Close" first with a relaxed leash, and then in the presence of stimuli (e.g. playing near other dogs).

How to teach your dog the command "come"

This command is extremely important for any four-legged pet, facing a walk in the big world. Taking responsibility for a dog owner should be able to provide for her unquestioning approach on the first call. Mass tragic cases could have been avoided if the Pets knew the command "come".

Training it is advisable to start at home, but you can on a walk, after walking. The dog must be on a long leash. The learning process is simple: call the pet by name to pay attention to you, then loud and clearly give the command "come". If the pet did not start moving in your direction, pull his leash, prompting that it is required. As soon as the puppy run up to you, immediately praise him and give treat.

Despite the simplicity of the training, this team is one of the most insidious, because the ideal must always be implemented at any position, situation. Therefore, an important her painstaking testing of each walk beckons to his dog, praising the approach. Never give a command unless you are sure that it will fail for the same reason, the first few months of working out the command "To me" you should walk with your pet only on a leash.

With the rough collie to a perfect grinding took about 2-3 weeks, but the dog was already quite large, about 8-9 months. Quite golopuz puppies caught on fast, but there is a danger of losing perspective on adolescence and verification of the owner. About 7-10 months you need to carefully observe how the dog is performing a learned command. At the slightest hint of a rollback, you must take action.