By correspondence can be obtained as the first higher education and the subsequent. Prevalent when in parallel students study at day-time and correspondence courses and for a time get two different specialties.The first thing you need to do before entering in the correspondence branch, to decide why you need it? If you want to get only the education, perhaps you should think about day care. But if distance learning is linked with life, the necessity or impossibility to leave the job it was created for you.
Competition for distance separation is much lower than on day or evening so to do will be easy.It is much harder to decide on a specialization - it should be such that you were able without a teacher to understand the topic and write tests. Of course, the installation of the lectures before exams no one cancels, but for understanding what you do, their will is clearly not enough.
You made a choice and weigh all the "pros" and "cons". Now you can go to the admissions office.To be admitted to correspondence Department you will need: six photographs, help 086, high school diploma, a diploma of secondary vocational or higher education (if any), a statement and a bit of luck.