Whatever you are a wonderful person, at work to all of your qualities must be made the main thing – professionalism. This is not only the knowledge and skills you have acquired at school or in the workplace. Your education should be a continuous process. Learn the latest advances in the field in which you work, activities of competing companies, discover new technologies, learn from those who work better than you. Not kichites acquired knowledge, share with those who show interest in them.
Do not avoid work and faithfully follow all the instructions, take responsibility for themselves. Do not let that part of your responsibilities fell on the shoulders of those who work near you or someone had to redo it after you work. Don't refuse me, but to suppress attempts of colleagues to use your work and time under this pretext.
Never allow yourself rude, defiant or disrespectful to talk to people. Always keep a steady, calm tone of voice. Be friendly with colleagues and moderately open. You should not let a team in their personal lives and to discuss its details. Of course, the main event will not go unnoticed and we can talk about them, but try to keep inside all your feelings and not cut away your soul in front of everyone.
Avoid, and never take part in gossip, nor in the squabbles. If you are unhappy with the behavior of someone, then say so directly and ask them not to do it. Do not discuss their colleagues with employees of other divisions and can't stand what is happening in your workplace, in the discussion of all other employees of the company.
Be careful. If you see that someone of your colleagues hard work on behalf of, prompt, as it to perform better, even if he's not asking for help. Sometimes you have to be involved if you see that people are upset about something or preoccupied. Just walk up to him, tell him that you noticed it, and offer help. Most likely, will reject it, but your impulse will be appreciated. Respect yourself and your colleagues, and you will be respected in the team.