You will need
    • Martini
    • olives
    • various fruit juices
    • vodka
    • ice
    • a mixing vessel
    • lemon
    • various alcoholic drinks.
Mix 50 ml vodka 10 ml Martini and add ice. Place the cocktail in pre-chilled glass. To taste you can add to this cocktail the olive. This cocktail is a favorite from the cult of James bond.
Grab a Martini and orange juice. Mix them. If it is fruit juice, not packaged, the cocktail will turn out much tastier. You can decorate the glass with sugar rim or a slice of orange.
A delicious Martini on the basis of previous. It is called chocolate orange Martini. He's a little more difficult to prepare, but worth it. Take 100 ml of Martini, 100 ml orange juice 50 ml vodka and some ice. Mix all this. Add 2 tsp of powdered sugar and cocoa. Stir the mixture for 10-20 seconds. Poured into glasses. The cocktail is ready to serve.
Mix Martini with cherry juice or grapefruit and you will get a new variation of the cocktail. You will be amazed by the blend of flavours and how new sounds of Martini in the cocktail.
Put in a glass chilled Martini, a slice of onion freshly severed. True experts are very appreciated this cocktail based on Martini. Onions add a unique and not similar to any taste and flatter fragrant and sweet Martini.
A good foil for the spicy taste of the sweet Martini the sour taste of lemon. To achieve a new combination, cut a slice of lemon into quarters and remember the special pestle in the glass. Pour mashed lemon 50 ml Martini. The cocktail is ready.
Add to a Martini sprite per 100 ml Martini 50 ml of sprite. You get a completely unforgettable taste. Decorate the glass with slice of lemon and serve your guests.
For a fun bachelorette party will fit the cocktail "Pink pleasure". Stock up in advance, frozen strawberries, champagne, Martini and strawberry syrup. Put into a glass a few frozen klubnikin, pour 100 ml champagne, 50 ml Martini and 30 ml of syrup. Stir and enjoy the beautiful and delicious pink cocktail. Glasses for this cocktail, choose large!
For men can you recommend a delicious and strong cocktail Martini brandy based. Take a chilled glass. Mix in the following proportions 20 ml brandy, 30 ml vodka, 60 ml of tonic. Put in cocktail ice and an olive. A real man's Martini is ready!
Cocktails based on Martini, a great many, and how to drink it – only you can decide.