Martini Bianco is perhaps the most famous and most beloved (especially by women) vermouth in the world. He is good and pure, and as a basis in a variety of cocktails. Martini Bianco is so versatile and is so in harmony with the different components of the cocktail recipes from the famous white vermouth – hundreds, if not thousands.

Martini tonic

To prepare the cocktail is very easy. You will need a tall cylindrical glass-gagball, about 200 g of ice, a slice of lemon, 50 ml Martini Bianco ml and 150 classic tonic "Schweppes". All you need to do is fill the glass with ice to the top, pour a Martini and tonic, and then apply the drink and garnish glass with lemon wedge.

Martini with orange juice

Martini Bianco goes well with fruit juices. Prepare a delicious cocktail based on Martini Bianco by 150 ml of orange juice (not nectar!) and 50 ml of vermouth. Need to do the following: fill the glass-gagball ice, pour into it the vermouth and orange juice, stir and serve with a straw. Glass can be decorated with orange chips.

"Bianco Sunrise"

Charming light and bright cocktail is obtained on the basis of white vermouth and a mixture of fruit juices. To prepare it you need to take a glass of gagball and to the top to fill with ice. Then a glass to pour 50 ml Martini Bianco and 75 ml of orange juice and cranberry juice. Now drink you must stir and then serve with a straw and garnish the glass with a slice of orange.

"Brain explosion"

This impressive and insanely delicious cocktail is easy to prepare those who already have some experience in the cocktail area. Most importantly - when it is cooking to make sure the layers drops do not mix, and vodka neatly formed the top transparent layer. Otherwise the visual effect will not be achieved.

For a cocktail you will need 50 gram stack-shot, any 15 ml vodka, 10 ml Irish Cream liqueur "Baileys"), 20 ml white vermouth Martini Bianco 5ml syrup "grenadine". In addition, you will need a cocktail spoon and a straw. First, you need to pour in a stack of Martini Bianco and then gently, literally drop by drop pour the liqueur "Baileys". In a Martini liqueur rolled in drops and actually begins superficially resemble the brain. For "bloody" effect of the cocktail (again with the help of the tube) is added grenadine syrup. The final touch is vodka. It should be very gently lay cocktail with a spoon or knife, pour on the top layer.