You will need
  • - a document confirming your inability to appear in court for divorce proceedings.
Provide to the court that is handling your divorce process, a certificate stating that on the date of the hearing you will go to the hospital for complicated surgery. If the health status of any operations not assigned to you, you can try to go to the hospital for the purpose of General improvement.
Provide to the court a business trip certificate, indicating the dates of your absence from the city, where the hearing. Very often a business trip certificate replaces the expensive tourist ticket. Just always keep in mind that a prolonged business trip or long journey can become the reason of that divorce will happen without your presence. In other words, the judge has the right to divorce spouses if one of them did not appear for 2 or more court sessions.
Do not be in court, do not respond to subpoenas, ignore any talk about trials. This will help to prolong the divorce process. But again after a few absences to court you divorce without your direct presence in the courtroom. In addition, when persistent requests of the plaintiff (i.e. the spouse who wishes to divorce) the marriage may recognize terminated at the second court hearing. And if the claimant is your spouse who has already found a Beau and even pregnant with his child, she can get a divorce in the near future!
Ask the judge who will conduct your divorce proceedings, the maximum period for reconciliation with my spouse. As a rule, a period of reconciliation are three months. However, if you have strong arguments, for example, the desire of one spouse to save the marriage for the sake of a newborn child, this period may be extended. Some couples waiting for divorce for six months or more.