The speed of separation of a spouse depends on she agrees to the divorce or not, and whether there are joint minor children. So, if you really want as quickly as possible to divorce a wife, you should talk to her about the divorce, and maybe you will come to a common agreement. Even if the spouse does not agree to divorce, you still will save time and nerves if you agree on who gets what property, when there was a marriage contract drawn up) and with whom will the children (if any).
Provided that both spouses agree to divorce and have joint minor children, you can divorce without a trial, by filing a petition for divorce to the Registrar. A petition for divorce is made for those who want to divorce and the other spouse puts in a statement by his signature, and the fact of signing (in case the wife changes her mind) declared by the notary. A month is given a certificate of divorce and put a stamp about divorce in the passport.
If the spouse against divorce and also if the spouses have joint imperfect children, a divorce only through court. In this case, you can save time: immediately along with a petition for divorce to file a lawsuit to partition the property and to raise the question about the children and about who will pay child support.