Advice 1: How to get a divorce quickly

Sometimes family relationships come to a standstill. Immediately there is an urgent need to get a divorce as soon as possible. From this article, men are the initiators of divorce learn how to divorce with his wife, and when it happens.
How to get a divorce quickly
The speed of separation of a spouse depends on she agrees to the divorce or not, and whether there are joint minor children. So, if you really want as quickly as possible to divorce a wife, you should talk to her about the divorce, and maybe you will come to a common agreement. Even if the spouse does not agree to divorce, you still will save time and nerves if you agree on who gets what property, when there was a marriage contract drawn up) and with whom will the children (if any).
Provided that both spouses agree to divorce and have joint minor children, you can divorce without a trial, by filing a petition for divorce to the Registrar. A petition for divorce is made for those who want to divorce and the other spouse puts in a statement by his signature, and the fact of signing (in case the wife changes her mind) declared by the notary. A month is given a certificate of divorce and put a stamp about divorce in the passport.
If the spouse against divorce and also if the spouses have joint imperfect children, a divorce only through court. In this case, you can save time: immediately along with a petition for divorce to file a lawsuit to partition the property and to raise the question about the children and about who will pay child support.
Also the divorce out of court irrespective of the consent of the spouses and a joint minor children is if you have the following circumstances:
• The spouses do not live together for a long time;
• There is a court decision on the recognition wife missing;
• The wife is in prison for committing a crime of varying severity for more than three years;
• Wife declared incompetent by a court.
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Sometimes it happens that the wife just may not be on the court. In this case the marriage is dissolved at the third session of the court without its consent. By the way, if the joint child is under one year, in this case without the wife's consent the marriage cannot be terminated even through the courts. If anyone has any further questions, you can see the family code, preferably with comments from specialists.

Advice 2 : Is it possible to get a divorce without my husband's knowledge

Divorce without the presence of a spouse and divorce without consent of one spouse - the terms are legally enforceable. Divorce, passing unnoticed by one of the spouses, the law is not described, but still possible.
Is it possible to get a divorce without my husband's knowledge
Divorce without the presence of one of the spouses can be made both in court and in the office of the Registrar. A marriage where there are minor children and the property, shall be terminated in court. Otherwise to carry out the divorce can be in the registry office, by mutual consent. The presence of one of the spouses is required, the other can replace the legal representative or a petition for divorce with the notarized signatures of both spouses.
Divorce without consent of one spouse or legally divorce unilaterally implemented solely by the court. The fundamental objection of one spouse to divorce a common phenomenon in judicial practice. Legal grounds for divorce recognized the reluctance of one of the spouses to be married. The exception is marriage, where the wife is pregnant or has a child under the age of 1 year. The husband in this case has no right to divorce unilaterally. But the wife of this right is not limited.
The divorce process, carried out without the consent of one of the spouses is easily converted into a process carried out without his knowledge. In the case where one of the spouses is three times failed to appear in court for valid reason, without providing explanation, the divorce will be granted. It does not matter was whether the party notified of the time and place of the hearing. If such an incident took place, the court's decision on the so-called automatic divorce, you can appeal within 7 days. It is important to remember that, in order to obtain a divorce a secret from the other spouse, will have to abandon any property claims. While the other party upon the discovery of fraud, will have the right to present them in the statutory time.
The reasons for the desired divorce without the knowledge, may be different. Basic is the fear of violence, aggression rejected by half. The exception to this is the recognition by the court of one of the spouses is missing. Upon expiration of the statutory period divorce can be made by the present parties. Almost similar is the case with persons in places of deprivation of liberty, except for statutory deadlines. Such a marriage is terminated, regardless of the terms of imprisonment at will. It is important to remember that seeking to obtain a divorce a secret from the other spouse, will have to abandon any property claims.
About 95% of divorce cases have a positive solution. The days when divorce required a serious, compelling reasons were. Now enough emotional discomfort of one of the spouses. The wording of the reasons specified in the act, sufficiently conditional. In fact, the court shall take into consideration only the unwillingness of one or both spouses to continue the family life. Factors such as the presence of property the issue of minors can complicate and delay the process, but in the end, it usually ends with annulment of marriage.
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