You will need
  • Special software to restore deleted files such as RestoreIt), computer, basic skills in Windows, administrative access to the system.
Remember how you removed the game. If the deletion occurred through the shopping cart, check out her: maybe the game is still there. To restore the file from recycle bin click on it RMB (right mouse button) from the drop-down menu, select "restore".
Stop any activity at the computer. When you delete a file it is not complete removal, the space that it occupied on the hard disk is marked as free and eventually on top of it are written to other files. If the game was removed recently, and has not made the establishment of programs and saving data, the file may be restored. If a computer was used for active work, perhaps the file was damaged and cannot be repaired.
Find a program that is designed to recover files. For Windows there are many free programs that you can find on the Internet. Custom file system based operating systems other than Windows are prone to bad recovery of files recovery success is 50/50. If you can not download the program, restoring the files, you can refer to a specialist. But it is worth noting that his services are quite expensive. Much easier, faster and cheaper to re-install the game.
Using a special program, select the local disc or the folder where formerly was a computer game. After you select the directory, the scan begins, which will be revealed all the deleted files are in the specified space. Find among them the game and save in a convenient place. Maybe scanning will have to make several times. Remember that saving must be made on a different logical drive.