To leave the comfort zone is always unpleasant, painful and hard. But, being in it, people just won't reach, and even were not put before itself specific targets. It is easy to live monotonous, no change will not dare to unsettle and start to think.

So, there is movement. What do you need to qualitatively change your life:

To change life

This item involves the transformation of the way everyday actions. You can start with in order to Wake up earlier than usual, change your workplace, you can even rearrange the furniture in the room, instead of watching TV, read articles on the topic of interest. Returning from work, get off the bus a couple stops early and the remaining distance to the house to walk. This step aimed at the development of adaptability to change. The first step is always the hardest, but make it necessary.

Self-determination and self-knowledge

For further development we need to clearly define "what I want" and "I want", "what do I need to change in yourself to achieve goals", "what do I need to do to reach that goal." You need to think about what personal characteristics are already available, and it is important that before a need to be honest. You must write on a sheet of paper in two columns the positive qualities and negative. But to summarize, lists need what qualities are needed to have a good feel on a desired location, what qualities do you need to re-educate in order to achieve the greatest productivity towards achieving the desired result.


Without motivation of successful activity can not be. People should clearly know why he does this or that business. Need to determine where he wanted it, he gives it. Should answer the question: "why do I need it". It is impossible to achieve any results without the awareness of the importance and necessity of their actions.

Need to stick to this algorithm in order not to pogruzoch in everyday life. We need to act, to a stagnation in the development not put an end to the meaning of life. No one said change is easy, but it's worth it. Should start and it will get easier. A new lifestyle will become a habit, and that will be the beginning of a continuous development.