Before you master the technique of extreme skiing, meet your bike – you should know clearly how to operate the brakes, how maneuverable your bike is how fast it gains speed, how it behaves in different conditions. The bike should perfectly fit your parameters, including height and weight. It needs to be equipped with solid rims and wide rubber, and besides, it's not worth doing stunts on bicyclesthat are designed for simple walking and Hiking.
During execution of the trick in most cases, you have to stand, so the most convenient is a low sports bike BMX. Determine which leg is leading when riding, and further accustomed to do all turns on the bike on the front foot.
Before you can learn simple tricks, learn how to keep balance by holding the front or rear brake. When you are confident to keep balance, standing on the bike, try holding the brake to lift off the ground the front wheel, abruptly shifting the center of gravity back.
Hand while lifting the right and try to bounce on the rear wheel. When you start work, try to jump on the wheel forward and then back, stopping myself from falling. For these jumps stand on the rear wheel and make the take-down pedals, scrolling through them on a third ago, and then release the handle the rear brakes and do the dash a lead foot, turning the foot pedal.
Re-lock the rear brake. To jump on the front wheel, do the same thing, but clamp the front brake.
Also on the rear wheel you can ride – the trick is called "Willie." In order for the trick to work, you need to master described above, a more simple trick. Balance on the rear wheel, tearing the front from the ground, and then on a low grip, rising above the saddle, put your weight on the wheel and take a vertical position. Try to drive forward on the rear wheel, and in order to descend to the normal position, body weight transfer forward.
The more difficult trick is the "front end Willie" when riding on the front wheel. This trick is quite dangerous, and to master it you need only when you reach a certain level of professionalism.