The annual plan includes annual objectives. They are formulated and the head of the methodical service of the preschool institution on the basis of annual objectives recommended by the Department of education of the city administration.
Annual tasks come from the analysis of the activities of the kindergarten in the previous school year. Allowed the continued implementation of the tasks of the last school year, if its implementation is not satisfactory.
On the basis of the annual objectives all experts written your work plan for the year. For writing of annual plan perspective plan for teachers. The main activities are transferred to the General plan of the work.
Administration of the kindergarten, you must choose the form of writing the annual plan. The plan can be presented in tables graphs and columns, as well as in the form of blocks. Analysis activities should be preceded by the annual plan.
It is necessary to consider all the sections of the plan. They should reflect work with children, parents, pupils and teachers. In addition, the plan includes such sections as administrative activities, supervision, working for rehabilitation (children and staff), production Assembly etc. good leadership of the head of the DOE will allow the specialists of the children's garden to include in the plan all the necessary points.
The annual plan should be realistic to implement. Analysis of previous periods will take into account all the shortcomings in the activities of the institution. Do not overload the plan activities. This has a negative impact on the quality of work of teachers and does not allow to fully carry out the preparation for it. In addition, a large number of activities will create an additional burden on children.
At the end of the school year it is necessary to analyze the implementation of the annual plan. Part of the results should be presented in the form of graphs and charts.