You will need
  • - to go to the doctor;
  • - passing necessary examinations.
About diseases of this organ can be judged by circumstantial evidence, as in the structure of the liver has no nerve endings and for that reason ill she can't.
Pain may appear only at the last stage of cancer or cirrhosis of the liver can no longer do their job. And the pain only indicates that the metastasis was struck by neighbouring authorities. Also the pain could indicate gall stones or pain pancreas but not the liver, as when ingested large amounts of harmful substances, the liver suffers and is silent.
About disease of the liver you can judge by gray or yellowish color of the face, sometimes the face becomes very pale in color. The skin of the whole body can be very dry or very oily. Also often present allergies, hair thinning and fall hard, age spots appear, there is a yellow tint whites of the eyes, skin itching, plagued by colds and viral diseases. Can legs swell, the belly becomes large due to the large amount of water in the abdominal cavity, there is insomnia, irritability, pimples, tongue is covered with white, yellow or gray coating. Very often disturbed digestion, appear chronic constipation or chronic diarrhea, heartburn, concerned about the heaviness in the right hypochondrium, the overcrowding of the gastrointestinal tract, bitter taste in the mouth.
If you have at least two of the above symptoms, contact your physician and get a referral to a hepatologist-a gastroenterologist. Depending on the patient's complaints, the doctor will prescribe one of the types of tests: abdominal ultrasound, CT scan liver scintigraphy, sensing or biopsy. Most reliable results of the liver biopsy provides only. Based on this survey possible to make an accurate diagnosis and to appoint adequate therapy. The biopsy done in a hospital by experienced specialists under local anesthesia by means of puncture and withdrawal of material from the liver.
Any liver disease lead to the inability of the authority to perform its primary role of protecting all organs from the toxins, toxins and carcinogens. As a consequence, may develop diabetes, obesity, pancreatitis, cardiovascular disease, cholelithiasis, severe allergies, etc.
For a successful recovery except the primary treatment, follow a diet, refrain from fried, spicy food, alcoholic beverages. All the food cook for a couple. Eat fractional and often.