Start writing a project work only when the collection of materials on the studied topic is fully completed and analyzed. The paper must be written in scientific style and be well-designed. The text should be uniform and not contain any abbreviations, except generally accepted to be strictly structured (introduction, main part, conclusion, sections and subsections, Annex).
Do not compile the sources when writing the work. Work should be proof that you are self-collected, systematized and analyzed all the necessary material. In addition, some disciplines, which are written projects demand a competent and creative approach. But to deviate in writing from scientific style in any case should not be.
Pay special attention to writing the introduction and conclusion. The introduction is a kind of plan that can be adjusted in the process of working on the project. The final version is usually written at the completion of writing the work and its results.
In the introduction, indicate the relevance of the topic chosen, the goals and objectives of the study, its methodology. Depending on whether the work is abstract or exploratory in nature, briefly describe the main sections of the work.
Write the bulk of the work. Do not be distracted from the research topic, give examples to prove your hypothesis, if necessary, refer to authoritative sources. Sometimes the main part of the work also includes an overview of sources and research made earlier.
Write a conclusion, which shall contain the conclusions on the work done, summarizing the results of the study and concise description of the sources. The conclusions should match the objectives stated in the introduction. To the results of the study were more obvious, the conclusion should be structured, each individual pin should have its own serial number.
Will arrange, if necessary, annexes and list of literature used in the study.