Define the main purpose, which shall be subject to all other tasks of the company. Should not be singled out as a priority increasing the profit of the organization. This objective is aimed at ensuring the interests of the consumer would be counter-productive and senseless. The main objective of the business it is advisable to make the most complete satisfaction of needs of other people in the goods and services of your company.
In preparing the document, break the objectives of the company for the time periods, given the short and long term. The next goal should fit into the overall strategy, to complement and concretize it.
In the preparation of the strategy of development consider the views of the team managers responsible for specific areas of work. Ask the leaders to Express their views regarding their vision of the prospects of the business. This will help to identify the vector, which can be based on the strategy.
You should also try to involve in the elaboration of the strategy for the development of other company employees, especially those who have not formal and the real authority in the team. Use the creative potential of employees, responsible for developing new products and methods of promotion of goods and services to the market.
Ask the participants the preparation of the strategic document written to respond to questions reflecting the following important points: what a company; what is value for it, what principles it is guided in the activities; what is the ultimate goal of the activity; what you want the company to solve tasks, what are the requirements.
Let's summarize the results of the survey and formulate the strategy of the company in the thesis, very clearly and specifically reflect the most important aspects of the future development. The document will certainly bring to all members of the team. The strategy should be a fundamental document, a guide for each employee of the company.