So, to restore order in the apartment, please contact in the first place in REU (maintenance management). Already in place, write a statement of need issue you a coupon to the order. But if it was not saved (it happens quite often), then ask for the issuance of the certificate that the certificate is not preserved.
Contact the administration of the district in which they live. Together with a specialist on housing issues write a statement about the conclusion of the agreement of social hiring. Of course, the administration may deny your claim. Then you have a right to appeal directly to the court.
Another solution to the problem with the loss of an order is to contact the local Department of real estate. If we are unable to help then try their happiness in the service of one-stop-shop will restore your order apartment.
Don't worry, your order no one will use for fraudulent purposes, because without a package of accompanying documents, he just a piece of paper, albeit important.
As mentioned above, you can now contact your housing organization, where you have to sign the contract of social hiring, because under the new Housing code orders are "conditional" are not restored. The contract of employment is intended to replace this procedure.
Directly to the housing organization will tell you what documents you need to collect for this. You will need to write a letter to the city administration in which you ask to conclude with you a contract of employment in connection with the loss of a warrant for the apartment.