First and foremost, talk with all of your older family members. Ask them what they remember about their childhood and parents. You will not only need to know the names of your relatives. Read their biography, the scope of activities, personal life, social society. All told you the information you need to take some notes in a notebook, so that nothing is forgotten.
It may happen that your senior relatives already here or they are unable to tell you the information you need. Then you can come regional archives. Start archival searches from the last place of residence your family in the opposite direction: from grandparents to the great-grandfather and great-grandmother. This will allow you to learn a lot of useful and reliable information about your family.
The last stage is the compilation and a graphic image of the tree of life. There are two options of compilation: the ascending family tree, where the trunk symbolises you, and the branches of your parents and grandparents, and downward, where the trunk of the tree founders of your race, and the top branches are you. Any of these options gives space to your imagination and fantasy. Traditionally made to decorate the tree with different symbols, figures and the coat of arms of the family. Photos with family members also decided to allocate: female – to trace the red ellipse, and the men in blue diamond.