You will need
  • heat tool for hair, hair dryer, nail Polish flexible hold, hair iron or Curling tongs, a tool for creating curls, curlers
Wash the head and give her a little dry on its own within 15-20 minutes. Then on wet hair apply some heat tools that will protect your hair from heat styling and prevents flaking and split ends.
Dry your hair with a Hairdryer until the end, with her head down and direct the air flow to the hair roots to give her hair extra volume and slight negligence.
To the curls on the head looked evenly divide all hair into four parts, that is, you should have two pieces front and two behind, and the middle through the head. Kill each part with a clip to hair when you wrap one part you do not interfere. Now spray on one part lacquer elastic fixation at a distance of 20 cm from hair. And start to wind the curls with Curling iron or flat iron. Repeat the same with the rest of the hair.
Now put your head down and fasten again all small amount of varnish. Thus, you can save the curls for two days, even if you have straight and not very obedient hair from nature.
If you don't want to injure your hair to heat styling, use a Curling iron instead of flat iron or curlers. It is believed that they are more tightly fixed hair, especially if you consider that you leave them on your head all night. On almost dry hair, apply a little means to create curls, and then curl over the entire head of curlers.