You will need
  • shampoo labeled "For hair permed";
  • - special balm;
  • - laying tool;
  • - a Hairdryer with a diffuser;
  • - curler
Right click in a specialty store remedies for hair care. Better if it will be a series of special products with the mark "hair permed". When choosing a shop, hair pay special attention to the composition. It is desirable that they include: wheat protein, silk and palm oil.
Wash your hair with your chosen shampoo.
Apply the product throughout length of hair.
After applying the balm to freshly washed hair, comb, comb with wide teeth, so you save more long luxurious curls.
Gently wash off the balm.
Style your hair a special styling product. Currently, there are many options of quick and easy styling after the procedure biozavivki. Apply to hair modeling gel for curls and dry them with a hair dryer with a diffuser, the curls will look more dimensional and natural.
Another option instead of modeling gel while styling of the hair with your fingers use foam or spray for creating curls. Let Visigoth curls naturally.
Third option – use the curler. If you want to get a larger and softer curls, and the diameter of the curler needs to be more. Using curlers, you can make tight curls.