First of all, for curly hair, the important length. If the hair is too short, the curls will stick out in different directions, and shining, which looks more funny than beautiful. The optimal length for curly hair – below shoulders, to be able to collect in the tail.
Curly hair is often dry. Therefore, in order to have your hair cut looked good, it is necessary to use a special shampoo, do a hydrating mask for the scalp and abandon the use of the Hairdryer.
Best haircut for curly hair – cascade. It highlights well the structure of the hair and facilitates styling. Girls with curly hair better to abandon the bangs. Otherwise you will have to spend a lot of time to straighten it every day, otherwise the hair will stick out in different directions and ruin the.
Healthy and well-groomed curly hair look good, if they just dissolve. This hairstyle will give your image naturalness and romance. In order to make the hair lay straight and not pushilis, do not brush them after washing. Apply to damp strands of cream, mousse or foam for packing, and then assemble in the direction from ends to roots in a fist and squeeze a few times – this will make the curls smooth and elastic like springs. When hair dries a bit, smooth the curls with your hands and spread them in the direction you want. After drying, lock hair spray or lacquer.
Braids, fashionable in recent years, is also suitable for curly hair if they are long enough. It is not necessary to do too many of them. Better to weave a small spike, fades into the back of the head assembled on the tail, or make a three-dimensional braid, being careful not to pull hair.